Blanket Security for Your Loan Portfolio.

Vendor Single Interest (VSI) insurance protects your entire loan portfolio against uninsured losses, repossession, and unrecoverable collateral.

With one out of every seven drivers not carrying adequate insurance, it’s no wonder VSI is a critical choice among lenders. When structured correctly, the program provides significant tax and wealth advantages.

Safe, affordable, and easy.

Change usually involves risk – but not in this case. Check out what National Lenders can do for you.

Saving money is great. Building wealth is better.

We’re a visit, a call, a click away.

  • Avoid uninsured losses due to insurance lapses, inadequate coverage, or cancellations
  • Broad coverage customized to your loan portfolio
  • No excluded drivers
  • Fewer charge-offs
  • Loans are covered automatically at inception

National Lenders Vendors Single Interest:
Accelerated Growth

If you really want to impact your business, you need a plan to build wealth over time. Saving more money just isn’t enough.

National Lenders VSI shields lenders from risk by setting up their own reinsurance companies. Our streamlined flat-rate fee structure is designed to put you on the road to financial wellness – so your business grows faster.

The choice is yours. Stay where you are or do something different with us because there’s a big difference between saving money and building wealth.

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