Limited Warranty gives dealers a competitive edge.

Dealers are more competitive at the time of sale when they offer their customers Limited Warranty. Not only does it win buyers – it provides significant advantages to the bottom line.

Limited warranty programs are eligible for profit and tax advantages, unrealized by most dealers. Let our experts walk you through the advantages of reinsurance so your business can drive more wealth.

  • Earn underwriting profits with reinsurance
  • Flexible term and mileage coverage options on vehicle repairs
  • Control the customer’s ownership experience

National Lenders Limited Warranty:
Limitless Upside

The financial rewards of setting up your own reinsurance company are significant. We’re talking tax deferral opportunities, profits on premiums, and fewer layers cutting into your bottom line.

National Lenders helps your business earn more capital in three ways:

  • By identifying missing revenue streams and exploring tax deferral opportunities in your portfolio
  • By creating a consistent profit stream
  • By offering low, flat-rate fees for maximum savings

No gimmicks. No hustle. No smoke and mirrors. Our customized reinsurance solutions produce higher returns so you can invest more in your business.

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