8% CPI Ceding Fee

CPI helps lenders thrive.

Contractual Protection Insurance (CPI) gives lenders an easy, effective way to insure loans in their portfolio when borrowers have not provided the insurance coverage required by the lender.

The borrower pays the cost of the premium. Lenders collect the return.


Protection. Lower Risk. Higher Returns.

National Lenders CPI is designed specifically for the lender. With technology, innovation, and a streamlined business structure, we identify savings and pass them on to the lender. It’s how we drive wealth to our clients.

Insurance solutions don’t have to be confusing and complicated. Find out what you could be earning today by switching to National Lenders.

  • Assets protected from damage, total loss, theft, or vandalism
  • Borrower pays the premium
  • No excluded drivers
  • Online PII-compliant claims processing
  • Monthly premiums remitted in arrears

National Lenders CPI: Designed by Dealers for Dealers

Why purchase CPI or other insurance products from a third-party vendor when you can send premiums to your own insurance company and profit from the returns?

National Lenders helps dealers establish their own reinsurance companies to reap the underwriting rewards. Fewer layers cut into your share of the pie. Combine our flat-rate fee structure with low commission rates – and you end up with higher returns and more investment capital.

It’s that simple.

Change usually involves risk but not with National Lenders. Let us help you get every dollar you deserve. From optimizing your portfolio to tax deferral opportunities to savings and higher cash flow, we can fuel your wealth-building plan.

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